You want a career in programming?
You are seeking to gain new knowledge and work experience in IT – and all that in an innovative workspace? You dream to develop professionally in the biggest software company in Bulgaria?

ScaleFocus invites you to join our six-month, paid programming traineeship, this autumn in Plovdiv.


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Who are we?

ScaleFocus is an European IT solutions delivery center. Enabling our global customer base through technology excellence, R&D and innovation, we are focusing on advanced engineering services and bespoke consultancy in the domains of Digital, Data and Cloud. Through team care and customer success obsession, we are engaging in fulfilling partnership journeys of open communication, respect, trust and drive for tangible business outcomes.

Who is the program for?

We are looking for motivated, willing to learn IT enthusiasts, who have some knowledge in IT. Everyone can take part in the Camp – the only thing you need is desire to develop in the field and a strive to start a new career.

What you receive?

Paid six month traineeship, after which you will have the chance for permanent employment

Mentorship and growth plan

Training by proven professionals in the field, with experience in real projects

Innovative office and a team of cool professionals

An opportunity to work in the biggest Buglarian IT company

What is the training agenda?

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS. CSS preprocessors (Less, Sass). Media types (MIME).
  • Introduction to UX/UI Design.
  • Responsive Layout. Bootstrap. Materialize.
  • Data Structures. Object oriented programming principles.
  • Javascript(ES5, ES6). OOP in JS. Typescript.
  • Introduction to Design patterns. Solid principles and good practices.
  • Toolset – Webpack, NPM, JSPM, Git, TFS, Browser developer tools etc.
  • Client – Server communication.
  • Search engine optimizations (SEO). Web Accessibility.
  • Introduction to Frontend Frameworks (Angular, React).
  • Introduction to Databases – Relative, Document, Key-Value, etc.
  • Introduction to Backend paradigms and concepts. In the context of NodeJS.
  • Workplace ethics.

Pretty nice, huh?

Check out the Task!
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